Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Electro Sheek Podcast #1

Hello there scamps!

My good friend Nate has been working hard for years to break into the tough world of radio broadcast. Ever since our hectic days at school recording our own voices onto cassette tapes he's been trying to get his foot in the door and his musical views on the airwaves.

A few weeks ago he finally got offered his own show on a local south London radio station and I was flattered when he called me up and asked me to be his co-host.

What this entails is sitting next to him and talking shit when requested while he does all the hard work. There was even a bunch of people with a guitar singing at us.

It was our first attempt so go easy on us, but please do click right here and download our podcast to tell us what you think. But only nice things.

Byyyeee x

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