Friday, 14 May 2010

Electro Sheek show #2


Our second show aired Monday night to much applause and acclaim.

The Queen herself is said to be fan and listens to the show on her Sandringham estate while polishing her many brass doorknobs. How she giggled and chuckled at Nasty and Nice this week, especially at Nate's impression of an enthusiastic Tube announcer.

Barack Obama halted plans for a peacekeeping visit to Isreal especially to listen to the show (he can never wait for the podcast), and was especially impressed with the sounds of Simian Mobile Disco and Quantic. Michelle was said to wee herself a bit at a conversation about That's Life Magazine.

This week the part of Nate Goodman was played by Sir Ben Kingsley and the role of Cian Agnew was played by the late John Candy.

Listen to the show here

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Poetry innit

Fish candle horses bags
Sand beers iPod slags
Telly buttons lolly stamps
Fridges monkeys dinner tramps

Arms legs feet hands
Hammer horses testicle glands
Pants yellow ripping games
Cushion kettle monkey frames

Watch bread orange twats
Knickers bastard Fulham cats
District yeast gonad pie
Vauxhall shelving bottom BYE!